中港物业配备了自己的专业安保公司-中港保安公司, 并取得国家颁发的保安专业资质。全方位安全意识,构造完善的安全管理体系,实现安全 管理目标。安全是居住生活、商业经营的首要诉求。安全管理通常 包括消防管理、安全管理、车场管理三部分,强调安全意识 是中港物业的首要工作任务,从员工入职开始即进行安全知 识培训,并将之贯穿到全部工作中。在实际管理中,中港物业总结了非常重要的经验,能够 从物业管理的开始即充分重视。因为我们深知:每个人每项工作都有安全管理要求,安全管理是全员全日的重要工作。中港物业通过构造全方位的安全意识、培训、措施和监管,通过人防、技防、安防相结合,针对每个服务专案设计合 理实用的安防方案,实现安全管理目标。

ompany specialized ability Omni-directional safety consciousness, constructs the perfect safety control system, achieves the safety control goal. the security is the housing life, the business management most important demand. The safety control usually includes the fire management, the safety control, the cart yard to manage three parts, stressed that the safety consciousness is the China-HK property most important work mission, enters the duty from the staff to start namely to carry on security knowledge training, and will pass through to the entire job. In the actual management, the very important experience which the China-HK property summarizes, can start from estate management namely to take seriously fully. Because we fully realized: Each person each work has the safety control request, peaceful the entire management is the whole staff entire date important work. The China-HK property through constructs the Omni-directional safety consciousness, to cultivate to teach, the measure and the supervision, through the civil air defense, the technique against, peaceful against unifies, designs reasonable practical In view of each service special case the plan, achieves the safety control goal.