以SINO-BRIGHT 香港英联华长期丰富的顾问经验为核心,充分运用公司多年以来积累的丰富经验和优势资源, 有效吸纳业内先进的服务理念,为客户提供包括前期介入指导、物业管理专案方案制定、日常物管运作培训等全程优质的物业顾问服务。

roperty consultant serves Experiences take Sino-Bright long-term rich consultant as the core, utilizes the company fully since many years has accumulated the rich experience and the superiority resources, in the effective buying in industry advanced service idea, provides including the earlier period involvement instruction, estate management files for the customer the document management, the daily tube operation instruction and so on a series of high quality property consultant takes the service.